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s2 software sells software and hardware, including general purpose terminals and flat panel monitors, unusual fax modems, and other types of hardware, such as articulating arms. We also sell software . The map at the bottom of this page will make navigating through our site much easier.

Our newest terminals are thin clients, and newest monitor products are flat panel monitors. Specifications for the thin clients will be in place shortly. These are diskless workstations -- actually, thin client desk terminals -- on which you can start a session that is a "dumb" terminal, and another session that enables you to access the internet. Besides the lower cost of having a diskless workstation, you can save money and labor by not having to buy and install anti-virus software.

The flat panel monitors are elegant and sleek, offering space and energy saving design with brilliant color and viewing technologies. Some have built-in speakers and microphone. If desktop space is at a premium in your office and very good display quality is high on your list of requirements, these are for you. We've been selling these kinds of monitors since 1999, and try to keep up with the advancing technologies.

We prefer "Class A" flat panel monitors - these are made using the panels that have high quality, high performance specifications (in a matrix of picture elements -- "pixels" -- for a 1,024 lines by 768 rows, or over 780,000 pixels, if there are less than 7 bad pixels, that's a "Class A" flat panel; if less than 33, that's "Class B"; and over 32, that's a "Class C"). "Class A" usually means there is a 3 year warranty on everything of the monitor, incuding the flat panel (otherwise known as the "back light"). Some "B" have a 3 year warranty on everything, but most others have a 1 year on the back light. "Class C" flat panel monitors have a 1 year warranty on everything. If your flat panel goes out after 1 year, and the monitor has a 1 year warranty on that part, it is less expensive to get a new monitor than have it repaired.

If you try one of our 17", 19", 20", 21", 22", or even bigger displays, you'll never want to look at a CRT (cathode ray tube) again.

Some are analog; some are both analog and digital.

We also sell touch screen flat panel monitors. What's a touch screen flat panel monitor? It's a very thin monitor on which you use a stylus (the back of your pen, your fingernail, a gloved finger) or simply your bare finger to point instead of the mouse (you can use that as well). They're great for medical/dental environments, restaurants, libraries, financial trading systems, industrial process control applications or kiosks among many others. They are robust, sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, compact, lightweight, and safer, brighter, and more energy efficient than cathode ray tube monitors. We have MicroTouch and Elo touch screen kits installed in flat panel monitors. Call us about them.

If you need to optimize your work space, we have a wide variety of articulating "arms" on which to mount the flat panels. Hang 'em on the wall, push 'em away; two, three, or four side-by-side, or two or three "rows"; many choices. Call us about them; we'll point you to a web site showing the animated movement and range of the different combinations of this equipment.

Want to better organize your work space and hide the cables? We have fixed and flexible cable ductway.

Want to extend the desktop? We'll help you with two monitors on the same computer with a second video card or a card with two monitor connections. We need to know what operating system you use.

We have VT terminals and thin-clients in our list of terminals. We currently have some used NetTerminal 200's, but don't know how long the inventory will remain. For ADDS terminals, with our Ethernet Interface Adapter, you have a cost-effective alternative to using a PC to access text-based applications. It
protects your investment in terminals as your applications change.

Lastly, shortly, you'll see a new page with some of our used equipment.

Our site has specifications on some of the software, terminals, flat panel monitors, and other hardware that we offer. Like many Web sites, we are constantly under construction. So, add us to your bookmarks and check us out periodically. Please us or give us a call.

We're from the old school. Our site is not designed for e-commerce. Send us email or call us - you can call on a land phone or by SKYPE (stu_rutkin)--that way, we can make sure that you're getting the right product. We have quality, price, delivery, and haven't forgotten that, ultimately, we're in the service business.

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