3D FaxFile

Do you have need to transfer any of these types of data from your computer to a computer somewhere else in a secure, rapid fashion? How about by fax? Would you like to save $$$ on the communications costs to do it?

3D FaxFile software is a utility that can transform these data types into an "infoimage" like this
(This is about half of an 8 1/2 by 11 page, reduced, of course.)

which can then be sent by fax, and the recipient is able to view and edit _ the files on his/her PC just as if you had sent them on a diskette.

Imagine compressing up to 50 pages of text, then transforming that into one page of "infoimage". Now, imagine the amount of time and money you could save faxing only a single page instead of 50 pages!! You can cut time and costs by up to 90%.

OK, you're thinking to yourself, you can do that over the Internet, for free (or at least for part of the cost of connecting to the Internet). Except for the secure part (know how many computers your email messages pass through going from one place to another?). Except for the rapid part (ever get an email message with a date/time stamp from 4 days ago, or did you ever lose an email message in cyberspace?). And except for the type of files part (some e-mail services permit only memo-like text).

3D FaxFile can accomplish this and more. The program compresses the data (it can encode 104k of data to one page) into special digital codes ("infoimages") that looks something like a two-dimensional bar code. It duplicates the information within the "infoimage" several times, so that software on the receiving end can correct any errors in transmission.

As we mentioned, this information goes fastest from computer (fax modem) to computer (fax modem) but it could also go from your computer (through the serial port) to our FaxPal to your recipient, or from your computer to your printer, then fax the pages of "infoimages" to your recipient's fax modem, or his fax machine. If he doesn't have a fax modem, his received fax could be scanned (by his fax machine) to digitize the "infoimage", then his "read-only" version of 3D FaxFile could decompress it. Four copies of the "read-only" version ship with 3D FaxFile and can be duplicated.

An evaluation version is available by downloading it from the Internet. Download 3D FaxFile Freeware

Notice, in the sample above, that there are three "blemishes" -- the result of heat from a match held underneath the thermal paper that this was originally printed on; a hole about the size of a quarter; and some pen scribbling. In addition, this "infoimage" was balled up as waste paper, then straightened by hand and faxed, with 100% error correction!!! The received file was complete and accurate.

We haven't finished yet. When we said secure, we weren't just talking about someone looking at a two-dimensional bar code-like image and not being able to understand it. Sensitive documents can be encoded with 3D FaxFile's password protection feature to provide complete fax privacy. (That's a feature in the Professional version.)

Think of the possibilities. Data compression. Archiving. Saving money. Pay raise.

3D FaxFile is available for PC's. A subset of this software is available in the Brother 7650MC Multi-Function Center.



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