3D FaxPal II and 3D FaxPal Plus

fax answering device that accepts incoming faxes while your computer is turned off .
3D FaxPal Plus permits line sharing for voice and fax.

We have only a modest inventory of the FaxPal II, the last anywhere. But we have plenty of 2- and 4-megabyte upgrade cards to increase the capacity of your FaxPal.


II Plus
Receive faxes while your PC is off, by storing images in memoryXX
Shares a line with your phone, listening for facsimile tones. If there are fax tones, it intercepts the call; if there is a voice message, it remains inactive, allowing the user or answering machine to take the call. X
Receive faxes without the need to load fax software or disrupt other computing activitiesXX
No internal fax/modem card is required; fax machine not requiredXX
If you have a fax machine, back it up with FaxPal II or FaxPal Plus in case it runs out of paper.XX
.5mb version stores almost 20 pages of standard resolution text, without requiring your PC to have an internal fax/modem; 2mb version stores as many as 80 pages; add up to 4mb, store up to 240 pagesXX
Read and store the files on your PC XX
Print stored faxes on your printer or fax machine XX
Distinguishes 3D FaxFile receptions for automatic saving in memory (your computer can read these without the need for a scanner)XX
Easy to install, easy to use; all cabling included: connect it to the phone line and your computer's serial port, then easy software installationXX
Stores faxes in flash memory: faxes will not be lost if you lose power or disconnect power to move the unit to the computerXX
May be used on a Mac computer under limited circumstances. Call us for more informationXX
Includes 3D FaxFile basic software...the fast and easy way to compress and transmit files X


If you need the latest version of software and firmware for your 3D FaxPal product, please send email or call us requesting it.

For 3D FaxPal II, the version of the software and firmware we'll send is determined by the serial number of the unit. To locate your serial number, look for a 5-digit number starting with "0" or "1" on the underside of the unit.


Compatible with all fax machines.


3D FaxPal II/3D FaxPal Plus with 0.5 Mb memory standard up to 20 pages
plus 2.0 Mb upgrade up to 100 pages
plus 4.0 Mb upgrade up to 180 pages
3D FaxPal II/3D FaxPal Plus with 2.0 Mb memory standard up to 80 pages
plus 2.0 Mb upgrade up to 160 pages
plus 4.0 Mb upgrade up to 240 pages




9VDC (transformer is included)


three years


FCC Class B Certified, Part 68 Registered

Please us or give us a call (602 840-5200) if you have questions or to place your order.

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Updated 12-18-2003