Fax acceleration and compression to supercharge your fax modem

FaxSpeed is fax acceleration and compression software that allows the user to send text, color graphics, sound, video, spreadsheets, or audio files by fax at high speed. This unique acceleration capability, based on a proprietary compression technique, coupled with the ability to fax color, makes FaxSpeed an enhancement for anyone sending or receving faxes on a PC.

The core technology behind this software, pioneered by InfoImaging Technologies, encrypts and compresses data into what is called an infoimage. Up to 200 pages of text can be compressed into a single infoimage. This ability to fax 1 page as opposed to 200 pages, in conjunction with built-in compression, allows fax throughput up to 57.6Kbps.

In a typical home office or business setting, FaxSpeed will result in savings as great as 75% of current costs.


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