All the accuracy of Intacta cards - without all the expensive hardware costs

IntactaCodeTM delivers over 21,000 bytes of multimedia information in a digitized grid, requiring only a PC and scanner to read.

Other technologies, such as photo ID, bar code and magnetic strip provide basic facts about a cardholder, offer limited information, require expensive hardware and an extensive setup.

IntactaCode is a proprietary technique for printing computer files on paper in a highly condensed way. Any printer with a resolution of 200 dots/inch or more can be used.

It is easy to implement. Using industry standard PC's, printers, and readers, it eliminates the need for expensive specialized hardware. Its affordability and customizable design make it the perfect solution for security. It can hold several pages of text, photographics, fingerprints, images and text, or computer code, all of which can be ready using industry-standard scanners and/or card readers.

It provides security solutions for The IntactaCode Developer's Kit contains the tools that you need to easily implement this technology into specific applications using a PC computer. The tools work with a variety of information media (including photographic) and use industry-standard equipment for printing and reading. The kit includes a free card scanner.

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Updated 10-2-00