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Click on hypertext for specs of these terminals, including keyboard layouts and the back of the logic boxes

Boundless Technologies, manufacturer of ADDS terminals


Thin-client Terminals

All products come with a limited warranty on parts and labor up to five (5) years. Thirty (30) day evaluation units are available for immediate delivery.


We've had some pretty good luck finding used terminals. Some have a 2-year warranty, better than the manufacturers' original warranties.

flat panel monitors from s2 software, inc Flat Panel Monitors

We also have the articulating arm equipment from ICW and Ergotron to mount these monitors on walls, ceiling, or special equipment.

NEC and Samsung

Ask us. Some are analog and digital. Some are as big as 22" (diagonal). Big. Very Big.


Ask us. Some are analog and digital. Some are as big as 22" (diagonal). Big. Very Big.


Ask -- there are a lot of different models

We also have other 17"-19"-20"-21"-22" models.

Top 11 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy a Flat Panel Monitor

11. You like vacationing on the back side of the moon because there are no newspapers, current events, or knowledge of what great monitors are like
10. You like squinting at that small monitor.
9. You don't want people gathering in your office, saying "what's that beautiful, unusual piece of sculpture on your desk.
8. You need the heat that your cathode ray tube monitor generates, for those cold days like we have in Phoenix.
7. You like electromagnetic radiation.
6. You'd rather spend a lot of money for that special furniture in the reception area that hides the back of the CRT monitor.
5. You prefer having 1/4 to 1/3 of your desk consumed by your CRT monitor.
4. You wouldn't know what to do with that extra space.
3. Why have the viewing area of a 16" or 17" monitor in a 15" monitor?
2. You want to use and pay for more electricity.
1. You want to be able to hide behind your big and klutzy CRT monitor, because it's easier to look busy.

Flat Panel Touch Screen Monitors

Please email us or call 602 840-5200 for pricing information

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Updated: 4-11-2008